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Anna Nguyen

COO, Monarch

"Easy to track goals and past 1-1s"

"I literally used to have a notebook for each report. I had stacks of notebooks all over the place. I tried Evernote. Finally Stride has made it easy to track goals and past 1-1s all in one place"

Max Feldman

Senior Manager, Finance, Uber

"One-stop-shop for managing"

"From my to-do list, to tracking employee deliverables, to getting a framework for how to conduct a difficult conversation from the on-demand resource library – Stride serves as my one-stop-shop for managing my team."

Lindsay Weickert

Talent Manager, Victory Lap

"Invaluable to my development"

"I didn't realize how important it was to give feedback the right way or how to approach difficult conversations. Stride's resources have been invaluable to my development as a manager."

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We used the research, science, and core principles from Open, Honest, and Direct to inform how we built Stride, from the design to the messaging platform and tools.

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