On-demand, confidential
micro-coaching for
ALL your employees

Level up your team and watch your culture thrive.

Coaching should be for all employees.

Not just the c-suite.


Stride is real-time, confidential
when your employees need it most.

How does it work?

Your team members message our team, and a
realhuman coach responds.


Real questions, expert help.

Here are some burning questions that
employees have been asking:

Can you give me tips on how to have a career development conversation with my direct report?

Stride is here to help support
your most critical initiatives:


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


For Employees

Our coaches place diversity, inclusion, belonging, and justice at the forefront of what we do. 

Stride creates a safe environment for your underrepresented employees to access unbiased, professional, and confidential coaching. 


For Employers

Gain actionable insights with aggregated and de-identified data that will tell you exactly where you need to focus your ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 


Employee Health and Wellbeing


For Employees

Our coaches offer strategies and processes that help employees avoid things like burnout, fatigue, and anxiety. 

We offer a safe, convenient, space for employees to share whatever is on their mind.


For Employers

As an employer you gain critical insight into when you are pushing people too hard, and when you can push further.   


Employee Development through Reinforcement


For Employees

Our ICF certified coaches will bridge the gap as we reinforce behaviors through quick micro-coaching sessions to ensure long term value.


For Employers

We’ll spend time to understand your key initiatives and act as a partner to reinforce, support, and drive engagement of your most important initiatives. 


"Crucial Sounding Board"

"Sometimes all you need is a sounding board outside of your company. Aaron, Shiri and the team always have great advice on frameworks and systems to work through crucial decisions."

Max Feldman

Senior Manager



Our Coaches

Our ICF certified coaches have 10,000+ hours of coaching experience and have guided thousands of leaders.

Give every employee a confidential, on-demand, trusted source of help.