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Acme Co.

Acme Co. is a global logistics company that offers an e-commerce fulfillment order platform for direct-to-​consumer brands.


Founded in 2012


Chicago, IL (140)

New York City, NY (162)


384 Employees

82/384 Employees are Remote

Company Values


Embrace A Beginner's Mind

We trigger our curiosity, explore the unknown, and challenge our assumptions.


Do The Next Hard Thing

We get out of our comfort zone, challenge ourselves, make mistakes and learn from them.


Act With Authenticity
& Humility

We are authentic in the actions we take, in asking tough questions, in sharing hard truths, and in showing up as our vulnerable selves.


Have Fun!

We enjoy the journey. We laugh, play, and lead with love. We acknowledge that we are all doing our best to work toward the same goal.

2021 Initiatives


Increase Workforce by 20%

With the recent series of funding, Acme Co. plans to hire more developers to support new product enhancements.


Free Up Manager Capacity

Right now, managers at Acme Co. are experiencing challenges with having too many direct reports.


Transition Back Into The Office

In February of 2022, Acme Co. plans to go fully back into the office. Right now, the company has a hybrid work model with some fully remote employees.

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