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A trusted source of growth for every employee

Coaching for the modern workplace.

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Supercharge Performance

Powerful, proven growth for your employees through curated development paths and unlimited, on-demand, coaching.

Daily Development 

Bite-sized, curated content that is practical and accessible, delivered twice per week. 

Real Time Support

Immediate access to a certified executive coach through Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Built In Accountability

Monthly meetings with coaches take skill development and behavior change to the next level.

"The speed of our work and our investment in growing our people are both very important to us. We needed a program that could scale and create value for employees at every level. The feedback from my team has been phenomenal. Over half of our staff has leveraged Stride's coaching. The fact that the coaches are trained executive coaches is powerful, and the coaching really works!"

Shaunagh Vollmer
SVP of Talent & Development, Vibes

With Stride,
Growth Sticks (Can we make graphics move like the coaching ones do?)

Our unique micro-learning and on-demand coaching has proven results.  Since our costs are lower, our ROI is higher. Our coaching is more accessible, so we see much higher engagement.


employees feel more prepared after just 1 digital session.


increase in employee engagement.


improvement in employee retention.


Doing more, with less (update name tag to "Carmen")

Carmen works hard. But due to recent changes, she's tasked to do even more, with less. She wants to grow and develop but doesn't know where to start, and never seems to have the time!

Experience the Employee Journey (possible to make this an engaging journey map?)

Our teams are tasked with doing more with less, or “better with fewer.” Leaving our employees tired and disengaged. 


Experience on-demand coaching and development for your employees. 

Tailored Learning Journey (ideal if we can make this image prettier) 

With Stride, she will experience a new curated development journey each quarter that focuses on the skills she needs to succeed. 

Growth will happen in four key steps: engage with micro-learnings, learn key skills, practice with a coach, and reinforce with her teammates.  


1-1 Coaching Sessions (update to 30 minute session pls) 

Carmen can choose to chat with her coach, or schedule a zoom session to dive deeper on key skills. 


Carmen's accountability coach helped her identify the obstacles that were holding her back and put together an actionable plan!

Curated Learning Content & On-Demand Chat Coach (image needs to be updated to new learning path) 

On Day One - Carmen receives a message in Slack introducing her to this quarter's focus. Carmen will self-assess, and then be presented with micro-learnings designed just for her. 

When Carmen gets stuck or wants to learn more, she simply sends a message to her coach and they respond in real-time. 


Group Coaching Sessions

Engaged and excited, Carmen meets with her team on a monthly basis for group coaching where they collaborate, align and share learnings. 

With Stride's support, Carmen is inspired and her performance has been supercharged! 


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Supercharge employee performance and engagement. 

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