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- Our Story -

We believe in a world where every employee has a trusted source of growth


The Power of Accessible Growth

At Stride, we believe in the power of growth on people's lives. We believe growth should be accessible to all employees, everywhere. We know growth happens in micro-moments, that small change over time results in massive impact, and the reward of personal and professional development is invaluable. We delight in connecting accountability partners, resources, best practices and every day leaders and employees to watch growth vitalize lives and consequently, organizations.  

Give every employee a confidential, on-demand, trusted source of growth.

10 years in the making

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Stride is the cumulation of research, experience, and learning from our team's work with over 10,000 leaders over the last 10 years. 

Building on the success of co-founder, Aaron Levy's high-touch leadership development business, Raise The Bar, Aaron saw an opportunity to make his incredibly popular coaching program accessible to all employees.


Aaron thoughtfully recruited a team to build an On-Demand Coaching program that was affordable, accessible, and impactful for all employees. Today, we've witnessed the tangible impact executive coaching, accountability and micro-coaching has on employee's careers and organizations.  



Designed to provide real-time micro-learning and on-demand coaching at an accessible price point.

- Our Values -

Act Like An Owner

Bias for Action

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Be Collaborative

Embrace your Curiosity

Give every employee a confidential, on-demand, trusted source of growth.

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