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Empowering Your Employees for What's Next

Transform Layoffs into Launchpads 🚀 With Career Transition Coaching

Empower your employees through career transitions while providing a compassionate offboarding-support solution with Stride's affordable coaching program

Support Your Employees' Futures

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Providing Expert Coaching For Seamless Employee Transitions At The Following Companies:


Traditional Layoff Approaches Fall Short in Supporting Your Employees

We get it, layoffs suck for everyone. 
How are you supporting your employees as they transition out of your company?

Insufficient resources for career transition leave employees without guidance and support, prolonging their job search and hindering their ability to secure meaningful employment.

Support Your Employees' Futures

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Too many companies hide their heads in the sand instead of providing comprehensive career transition solutions... leaving their employees:

❌  feeling undervalued, abandoned, and uncertain about their future
❌  without guidance and support, prolonging their job search
❌ without the time to upskill and adapt to evolving job market demands
❌ to lose trust in the company, negatively impacting the overall work environment

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When offboarding experiences are mishandled, your remaining employees may lose trust and seek opportunities elsewhere, leading to increased turnover.

Empathy in Action

Transform Layoffs into Empowering Experiences with Stride's Career Transition Coaching

Get started with Stride's career transition coaching in minutes and enjoy the seamless integration into your layoff support process, simplifying the experience for everyone involved.

Support Your Employees’ Futures

Request a Meeting with Stride's CEO Today

Stride initiates a comprehensive transition learning campaign tailored to each employee's stage of transition. The program includes stage-appropriate tools and utilizes the following framework:

⭐ Clarity
⭐️ Self-exploration & awareness
⭐ Goal Setting
⭐ Skill Development
⭐ Communication
⭐ Accountability & Support



Program Configuration

Begin by signing up for Stride's Career Transition Coaching program and provide the necessary employee information, including names, emails, and transition dates.



Program Creation and Approval

The day after their termination, the employee takes a mini-assessment that customizes the coaching program to their specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective coaching experience.



Program Launch

Then employees will schedule three private sessions with a certified accountability coach. Stride's coaches help employees outline SMART career transition goals and develop step-by-step action plans to accomplish them, ensuring progress and measurable outcomes.


Post Launch

Stride's coaches act as dedicated accountability partners, providing ongoing support to employees throughout their career transition journey. Monthly reports are provided to keep HR Managers and Chief People Officers informed about the program's effectiveness.


“I came to Stride as part of my layoff package. I've been laid off before, and I appreciate that this type of coaching almost felt like a therapy session. It wasn't just someone who wanted to evaluate my resume. This was actually what I needed to get in a better headspace.”

Anonymous Employee

Employees that have used Stride's Transition Coaching program rate their prior company a 9.8 out of 10 on how likely they would be to refer others to work there.

Stride's Career Transition Coaching program enables HR Managers to handle layoffs with compassion and professionalism.

One-time $250 fee per user

Request a Meeting with Stride's CEO Today

Your next step...

Provide the support your recent or upcoming layoffs deserve👇

Companies using Stride's coaching program have experienced benefits such as:

✅ Improve your reputation,
✅ Boost employee morale,
✅  Reduce unemployment costs,
✅ Mitigate risk,
✅ Efficient offboarding processes,
✅ Positive employer branding,
✅ Creation of a supportive and resilient work culture.

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1-1 Zoom Coaching

Monthly Reporting

On-Demand Coaching

Career Transition Coaching Program

one-time fee per employee

Customized Program


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