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Development For The Modern Workplace

Development paths created for the individual

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Tackle Problems In Stride

We remove the barriers to traditional learning by offering

on-demand learning and coaching built right into your employee's workflow.

Stride's platform delivers curated content that is engaging and inspiring. With our Interactive tools and self-assessments, employees are excited to see the behavioral change over time. 

On-Demand Coaching

Since Stride is built directly into the employee's flow of work, your employees can send us a message and a certified coach is available in minutes to chat through your problem. Prefer a phone call, simply click a link and your coach's schedule will appear to have a deeper 1-1 session. 

Group Coaching

Real learning comes from the ability to teach and coach others. Through our curated Group Learning sessions, employees will get a chance to interactive with other employees and learn, and collaborate as a group. 

Curated Learning

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"The speed of our work and our investment in growing our people are both very important to us. We needed a program that could scale and create value for employees at every level. The feedback from my team has been phenomenal. Over half of our staff has leveraged Stride's coaching. The fact that the coaches are trained executive coaches is powerful, and the coaching really works!"

Shaunagh Vollmer
SVP of Talent & Development, Vibes

Say "Hello" To Sarah!


Just like millions of other workers, Sarah is looking to build the skills that will lead to a successful career. 

Like 50% of her co-workers that also want more development, Sarah has no idea where to start!  The company's big training events are not aligned with her needs, and she always seems to forget everything after the sessions anyway!


Sarah, like most modern employees - is stuck. 

Luckily for Sarah, her progressive people leaders just onboarded Stride. 

With Stride, Sarah has a curated development journey that focuses on the skills she needs in order to succeed.  

Since Stride is built directly into her companies slack and teams channels, it's easy for Sarah to engage, learn key skills, practice with a coach, and reinforce with her teammates.  


On Day 1 - Sarah receives a message in slack introducing her to the topic she will focus on in Q1. Sarah will self-asses, and then be presented with micro-learnings and interactive tools on a daily basis.

Whenever Sarah gets stuck, or wants to practice a skill, she simply responds to the message and a real time coach is available to start a sessions. 


Sarah can choose to chat with her coach, or click a link to set up a dedicated time to practice skills with her coach. Sarah's coach will become her accountability partner and help her practice the skills that will make her successful. 

After her 20-minute, insight-filled discussion with her coach, Sarah was able to identify the obstacles that were holding her back and put together an actionable plan to overcome the barriers.

Sarah has learned a lot to through micro-learnings, interactive tools, and practicing with her coach.  But the real development happens when Sarah meets with a dedicated small team for group coaching.  While the session is hosted by the coach, someone from Sara's team is assigned to share a story and learnings.  This is a great time for employees to learn, practice coaching skills, and teach each other critical skills that lead to long-term collaboration and alignment. 

With Stride's support, Sarah has an actionable plan that will help her develop skills and increase her performance over time. 


Stride Is Tried And True

Our unique, micro-coaching system has proven results. 

Since our costs are lower, our ROI is higher

Since we make coaching easier, we see much higher engagement.

Over 50%

engagement across all clients

43 minutes

average digital session duration


of people feel better prepared after just 1 digital session


Get A Free Demo

Learn how Stride increases performance and engagement for all employees.

Coaching Works,
We Make It Even Better

Unlike other benefits or training, coaching is personal. It's about your people, not the company agenda or corporate tick boxes. Sessions can touch on mindsets, beliefs, internal barriers, self-doubt, perspectives, work issues, home issues - whatever the coaches need.

Of People Who Received Coaching:

are satisfied

would recommend coaching to others

People With Coaching See:

increase in
team performance

reduction in
team burnout

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