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Simple, Transparent Pricing 

Choose your perfect plan and level up your team.



per employee,
per month

limit 1 week



per employee,
per month

minimum 20 seats



per employee,
per month



per employee,
per month

minimum 20 seats

Autonomous Coaching
On-Demand Chat Coaching
1-1 Zoom Coaching
Small Group Coaching

As CFO, I'm always concerned about the ROI of new programs. After Piloting Stride, I was shocked by how much value the digital coaching experience provided. We were so impressed with the level of coaching, that we immediately rolled it out to our Senior Leadership Group.

Bryan Netzly
Chief Financial Officer
Right At School
  • Are there any setup fees?
    There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our plans. We aim to be as transparent and simple as possible with our pricing.
  • Does Coaching Provide a Strong ROI?
    You bet! A a study commissioned by the ICF and conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCooper asked companies about their return-on-investment from coaching found that 86% recouped their investments. Even better, almost half saw an ROI of at least 10x, and 19% saw an ROI of 50x or more.
  • What are the benefits of Coaching?
    Unlike Training, coaching is personal. It’s about employees – they set the objective. Stride coaches help employees identify obstacles and put a plan in place to overcome them. Sessions can also be about mindset, beliefs, internal barriers, self-doubt, perspectives, and work or personal challenges.
  • Are Coaches really available in "On-Demand"?
    You bet! On average, our coaches respond within 3 minutes. However, even on our busiest days, you will receive a response within 10 minutes!
  • Are your coaches Diversified?
    Stride has a diverse set of coaches from various backgrounds. All our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation and many come with specialty certifications like executive, wellness, leadership, career, and transformation coaching.
  • What's the difference between Coaching and Training?
  • How do I pitch Coaching Internally?
    When Coaching is combined with training, performance increases by 88% on average. There are clear benefits for you and your team members!
  • How can I trust a third party coach?
    All our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation and have a minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific education and 100 hours of client coaching experience. Our coaches are leadership coaches, executive coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, performance coaches, and group & team coaches. We often find employees opening up to coaches in ways they don't open up in the workplace. You'll receive analytics and insights into all of this, and be able to amplify Stride's work with powerful data on your employees.
  • What are some best practices for a coaching session?
    Come prepared with a specific topic, challenge, or goal you'd like to discuss. Your coach will run through a process that helps you get clarity, strategize on how to solve and put together actionable next steps.
  • Will coaches tell my employees what to do?
    No. Coaches aren’t consultants – they’re more like facilitators. Their role is to ask thoughtful questions to help employees identify the issue(s), recognize obstacles, potential opportunities, and take ownership towards achieving their goal(s).
  • How do employees get the most out of a coaching session?
    We encourage employees to think of what's holding them back today. Or, to think of skills that they'd like improve on (e.g. giving effective feedback, leading impactful 1:1s, developing coaching skills, etc.). Often employees don't know what is holding them back or what key skill they need to improve. They will come to our coaches with a problem, and our coaches ask the right questions to get to the root of the problem or issue, before helping the employee plan next steps. Coaches are experts in holding employees accountable to change!
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