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Make Performance Reviews Actionable

Don't let your team down, create a culture of continuous learning and improvement with Stride.

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Instilling actionable performance reviews at the following...


Let’s be real. 

Performance Reviews are Broken.
Too much time, not enough results.

Traditional performance reviews are like a black hole - they suck in all your time and energy and you're never quite sure what comes out on the other side.

Experience how effective performance reviews are conducted… no credit card required ✨

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If you experience any of these problems with your performance reviews, it's time for a change:

❌ HR is spending too much time in the process
❌ Managers are undertrained 
❌ Employees leave the review with more questions than answers
❌ Employees don’t have the tools
❌ You are “hoping” for manager accountability 
❌ You are having the same conversation every quarter


Companies that conduct effective performance reviews are 30% more likely to meet their financial target and three times as likely to manage change successfully.


Accountability Made Easy: Stride's Coaches Will Help Transform Your Performance Review Process 

Teams utilizing Stride for Performance Reviews have experienced increased team alignment and accountability, as well as a stronger culture of performance.

Test it our for free… no credit card required ✨

Not ready to try it yourself? Schedule a demo

How does it work...

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