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Benefits of Group Coaching

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is quickly becoming one of the most popular coaching methods due to its ability to connect employees and bring different viewpoints, insights, and knowledge to light. By bringing employees in from various levels and departments we create learning and growth opportunities that help employees align and collaborate on specific challenges and goals. Unlike traditional training, group coaching creates a safe environment for discussion, reflection, and peer learning that has demonstrated long-term impact.

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

The benefits of group coaching include:

  • Promotes idea diversity, collaboration, and learning from others as peer group work together to find innovative solutions to complex problems

  • Brings teammates together from various departments that may not have opportunities to work together

  • Creates greater self-awareness and reflection through peer-to-peer feedback.

  • Develops critical skills around listening, feedback and communication.

  • Encourages relationship building by breaking down traditional barriers and silos.

  • Increases problem-solving, planning, and teamwork skills

  • Increases accountability

  • Drives a sense of purpose in the work each peer group coaching participants is doing within their department

  • Encourages independent continuous learning

  • Amplifies the likelihood of goal achievement for individuals, teams, and organization

Is Group Coaching Effective?

Early studies show employees involved in Group Coaching are 17% more likely to stay in their organization. Employees are reporting a stronger sense of community, reflection, and cross-functional alignment.

What can I expect from a session?

All sessions will be led by a certified Stride Coach. The coach will set the stage for the group to grow and learn together, giving employees dedicated time to practice and problem solve as a group. Each session will also have a dedicated Spotlight leader responsible for giving an overview of a challenge they’re facing and their desired outcome for the conversation (topics can be assigned from People team). The group will explore the challenge in greater detail, asking questions and providing thought-provoking feedback to help the leader come up with actionable next steps. At the conclusion of each session, leaders will share one insight that they will apply to their leadership practices.

What does a typical engagement look like?

Given the nature of Group Coaching, it can be a much more cost-effective solution for most companies. To ensure your group coaching program produces the intended results, we recommend the following structure:

  • 5-8 participants, no more than 10

  • A time commitment of 4-6 months

  • Have a dedicated topic or theme

  • Outline expectations and desired outcomes

  • Cost: $100 per participant, per month

Contact your Stride Client Success Manager to get started today!

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