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How Employee Coaching Increases Productivity

In the last two years, the concept of ‘burnout’ has taken on a whole new meaning. Amid the stresses of COVID-19 and navigating new workplace norms, employee productivity has taken a hit. As an employer, what can you do about it?

According to an article from talentculture, individual coaching can help workers substantially improve their productivity, resulting in an ROI of nearly seven times the initial investment! The connection is obvious: increasing productivity means increasing your business’s ROI.

Improvement of Professional Skills

Too often, employees choose to focus on their weaknesses and how they can improve them. It’s easy to assume we can let our strengths rest on the backburner while we work on fixing our weaknesses. But shouldn’t it be the other way around? Focus on what you’re good at and strive to improve it even further.

This is where Stride coaches can help your employees succeed. They help employees identify where they excel in the workplace and, what’s more, they’ll provide actionable plans that lay out just how to maximize and grow their skills. This is a win-win for you and your employees, as a recent Gallup survey found that workers who knew their strengths saw higher sales by about 10-19% and 14-29% increase in profit, a strong indicator that a strengths-based focus is best.

Plus, personal coaches offer personalized advice. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that hopefully covers information that may only be useful for a small fraction of your workforce, personalized coaching allows employees to share their own individualized experiences and receive the advice that makes sense for their specific roles, strengths, and personalities.

Focus on Self Direction

The best kind of professional coaching is one that’s easily available and accessible (like Stride, for example). Why? Not only does this mean that employees can always find and explore methods for growth and development in the workplace, but it also encourages them to do so on their own.

A great employee isn’t just one that is engaged and productive—although we know that certainly doesn’t hurt! A great employee also knows to take initiative and seek out help. LinkedIn CEO Camille Preston said it best: “Successful people ask for help.” Yet, for many employees, that help can be difficult to find or downright non-existent in some cases. By providing on-demand coaching, your employees learn how and when to ask for help. They grow their self-management skills and begin to more regularly implement the development and training that they’re receiving from their coaches into their everyday work routine. The Institute of Coaching found that 80% of people who receive coaching reported higher confidence and 70% reported improved work performance. Need we say more?

Providing your employees with personal micro-coaching allows for them to take a strengths-based approach to their career. They can more easily identify and grow their strongest skills, grow in their confidence and their roles, and become better managers to themselves. Not to mention, you’ll see much of the results as well, given how well organizations with coaching services fare. In fact, 86% of companies report recouping their entire investment on coaching plus some.

Ready to learn more about the positive impact personal coaching can have on your organization’s productivity and bottom line? Stride is here to get you started. Head to our website and fill out this quick form so we can learn more about your workforce’s unique needs!

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