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Winning Top Talent with Coaching

Updated: May 16, 2022

According to a 2016 report from SHRM and Globoforce that surveyed nearly 800 HR professionals, two of the top three challenges workforce management is facing are recruitment and retention/turnover. While many things have changed since 2016, those challenges unfortunately haven’t.

The ROI on Recruitment

As you likely know from your experience in trying to recruit top candidates to fill open roles within your organization, employees in our new normal are looking for more than their typical 9-to-5 or a basic benefits package. They are seeking out workplaces that provide unique benefits, strong values, and a clear investment in their employees.

Invest in Your Employees’ Professional Development

Offering personal coaching to employees shows a direct interest in each of your individual employees, from the top to the bottom. Employees aren’t looking to simply fill a role within your organization. Instead, they want to pursue development opportunities, add new skills to their arsenal, and grow their experience dealing with various workplace situations. In fact, 59% of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them when applying for a job. Right behind them, we know that Gen Z’ers feel much the same. In fact, a recent Forbes article said Gen Z is “the first generation to prioritize purpose over salary. They read mission statements and values documents to select where they work and want their employer’s values to match their own.” The desires of these two generations are important, as a recent Gallup poll found they made up nearly half the workplace in 2021.

Invest in Your Employees’ Personal Development

Clearly, it’s not just the investment employees want to see from their employers. These days, employees are looking for more than just a job they clock in and out of. They want to feel personally fulfilled and find a place in organizations that match their own values and goals. This is because employees want to develop personally just as much as they do professionally.

That’s where the value of professional coaching comes in. Consider that 68% of employees say work skills make them a better person in their personal life, which is a main priority for most of your employees. Plus, 91% of employees say training and develop

Development opportunities are important factors they consider when deciding to accept or stay at a job. This year, it’s time to consider how you can help create a more holistic approach—not just professional development, but personal too—to your employee development programs.

Stride’s ROI for your Organization

This is where Stride comes in. As an on-demand, micro-coaching service that you can offer all of your employees, Stride can help you with a number of your organization's goals—things like recruiting top talent, minimizing turnover, improving employee productivity, and emphasizing your DEI initiatives.

From a network of more than 10,000 certified coaches, employees get connected with a vetted Stride coach who encourages and helps them to set professional and actionable goals, level up within their role, and navigate the workplace setting with ease. Plus, Stride coaches provide employees with access to helpful guides, frameworks, and tools that offer the tips and tricks your employees are looking for to grow.

Ready to explore how you can give your development programs a boost this year? Stride is here to lend you a hand. Visit our website and fill out this quick form so we can connect and learn more about your organization and how Stride can positively impact your entire workforce.

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