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Top Notch Security For
Top Notch Coaching


Cloud Hosting

Stride’s data and services are hosted with Amazon Web Service (AWS) in US facilities.

Stride data and services are spread across multiple AWS availability zones to ensure reliability and disaster recoverability.


Physical Security

Data and services are hosted in a SOC 2 compliant facility with strictly controlled physical access and professional security.


Data Encryption

All data is encrypted at rest and while in transit. We use TLS/SSL on all endpoints, and any data stored is encrypted at rest using 256-bit encryption.


Application Security

Cloud service infrastructure and databases are automatically upgraded with software patches to ensure we are kept up to date with security patches.

Static code analysis tools are continually used on all codebases for vulnerability monitoring.

Access to customer data is limited to authorized employees whose job functions require it. Only coaches and admins have access to coaching conversations.


User Access Management

User access is managed through OAuth 2.0, where the identity provider is managed by the customer. This ensures the customer has complete and immediate control over access to the system.

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